Attorney Belhia Martin has over 40 years of legal experience as a trial and appellate advocate at the state and Federal levels representing corporate and individual clients in Maryland and Louisiana.  Attorney Martin began her appellate career in a case before the US Supreme Court in 1978. Since then, Attorney Martin has specialized in impact litigation for plaintiffs and defendent clients alike in complex matters. The Law Offices Of Attorney Martin is a full service firm where clients' best interests are the priority.

Attorney Martin's Expertise

Attorney Martin has represented major international manufacturing corporations, highly valuable estates and world renowned entertainment clients in her four decades of work as a legal professional. The purpose of the Law Offices Of Attorney Martin is to provide high quality and reliable representation to each client. The Law Offices Of Attorney Martin continues to build its reputation as a consistent and highly effective source of meaningful solutions to major legal issues. Attorney Martin's unique quality of service has established the firm as a distinct legal resource for clients.